Product sales in Japan,Opening a store in Japan,Mode-aki CO., LTD.


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Product sales in Japan,Opening a store in Japan,Mode-aki CO., LTD.

For those who want to sell your products in Japan and open your shops at department stores in Japan


When you sell your products in Japan, it is necessary to clear various legal restrictions such as product quality standards and quality labeling.


In addition, department stores have their own business customs such as contracts for opening trading accounts with Japan, special slips, price tags, POS registers, and delivery methods.

So you need to meet their requirements, when you start selling products in Japan.


We have a long track record of selling the foreign products in Japan and have transactions with many department stores, so we have the know-how to clear these legal restrictions and requirements.


In addition, we can carry out necessary procedures for the actual sale of the product, the production of quality display tags, the affixing of price tags, etc., on your behalf.


We can support the sales of your products in Japan with a flexible contract form, including a sole sales agency contract in Japan.


If you would like to sell your products in Japan or open a store in department stores, please feel free to contact Mode-aki CO., LTD.

Our Goal

- What we are aiming for -


We at MODEAKI Co., Ltd. are aiming for

Through the operation of special events, events, and shops,


Make shops and towns happy,

Make people smiling,

Make your future exciting and heartful.



What we can do


We can support the promotion of visits to department stores; holding a wide variety of special events, events, fairs, opening pop-up shops that gather international items and goods and local products.


In addition, we can also help improve the efficiency of department stores and the effective use of vacant spaces through leasing support that matches the purpose, environment, and conditions.


At commercial facilities, commercial organizations, and local government-sponsored events, we can support the promotion of visits as we hold unique events such as fairs, street performances, magic shows, and attraction events.


For product suppliers looking for sales channels and locations in Japan, we can support the sales promotion of various products; developing sales channels by opening pop-up shops and events, building optimal distribution channels, test marketing, etc. 


◇ Support for attracting customers

Planning to promote visits

For developers and commercial facilities


We can provide optimal coordination to promote visits by holding product events, events and fairs, opening pop-up shops, leasing support, etc. 




◇Creation of liveliness

Event planning to attract customers

For commercial facilities, commercial associations, and local governments


We have some plans to make customers happy by fun events such as Matsuri, street performances, magic shows, action events, and comedy.




◇Sales assistance

Sales promotion planning

(For product suppliers)




We can create chances of business such as selling your products and expansion of sales channels in Japan with you and commercial facilities.

For example opening pop-up shops and event stalls, and global fair in Japan.



Product sales in Japan,Opening a store in Japan,Mode-aki CO., LTD.

[About the photo] In order from the upper left

❶ Directly managed shop “Karan” ❷ Tenant store: Persian miscellaneous goods ❸ Fair store: Hawaii ❹ Fair store: Hawaii ❺ Event store: Japanese sweets ❻ Product exhibition: Tohoku ❼ Product exhibition: Kyoto ❽ Product exhibition: Kyushu ❾ Product exhibition: Okinawa Store opening: Variety miscellaneous goods Bazaar⓫ Tenant store opening: Asian miscellaneous goods Toko⓬ Event holding: Matsuri for children

About us


◇Company Profile|History


Established in 1986, our company continues to respond to a wide range of needs with the ability to adapt to trends, regardless of genre or category, such as overseas miscellaneous goods and domestic product fairs. 



◇ Directly managed shop


We have various shops such as selling women's clothing and fashion items, including "Calin" with the theme of "clothes that you can wear cutely when you spend relaxing time in an extraordinary place" targeting Mrs. is being developed.


 ◇ Recruitment


We are looking for staff who will promote the business together, such as event coordinators, product sales agents, and store staff. You can choice flexible work to suit your lifestyle.



We, MODE-AKI, can create chances of business in Japan with you and commercial facilities.

Please feel free to contact us, if you are interested in selling your products and expansion of sales channels in Japan.


nothing is impossible,モノとコトの的確なフュージョン,来店促進や集客イベントの企画,リーシング,商品の販売促進や販路開拓,モードアキ株式会社